FGG May 2010 Roundup
Posted by Toni in Fun Stuff
You're busy. We get that. Catch up here. (Image by thewaltonsare)

Here at FGG, we understand busy lives--nurturing, working, gardening, entertaining, remodeling, traveling, healing, being. We know that everyone's to-do lists can extend for pages, making us even more grateful for you readers who take the time to visit, read, and comment on this site. True confession time: sometimes, we mark the dozens of posts in our RSS feeds as "read," despite the brief pain of knowing we're missing some great stuff from our favorite sites. In that spirit, at the end of each month, we'll be offering a roundup of what you may have missed or might want to revisit.

Here are some highlights from May:

If it's late spring where you live, many public swimming pools and water parks opened this past weekend. Our Guide to Figure-flattering Swimwear for plus-size women should prove helpful, along with our Ask FGG entry that tackled sarongs for wider hips - and don't forget your sweatproof (and waterproof) sunscreen when you hit the pool, girls! If you have a garden party or barbecue to attend, consider bringing these Ricotta & Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries - a treat as pretty as it is fresh and tasty. On the more decadent side, these Cupcake Cones make an equally pretty and unique party dessert.

If you're stressing about attending events where you're the only big gal there, our thought-provoking Guide to Surviving Social Situations with Skinny Friends might provide a welcome confidence boost. Other feel-fab tips can be found in our Guide to Flattering Hair Cuts for Round Faces and tips on adding sleeves or other cover-ups to sleeveless dresses - or choosing to love your arms just the way they are, per our readers' suggestions. This month's Sex and the Single Fat Girl column addressed conflicting feelings that can emerge when stepping out with a date who's significantly different from you, and It's A Guy Thing tackled the gulf between media portrayals of women and the reality of today's plus size population.

To catch up on the rest of FGG during the month of May, check out our archives for more.

Readers, tell us: what was your favorite or most surprising topic from this past month? Coming up: FGG celebrates its first birthday! How do you think we should celebrate?