FGG June 2010 Roundup
Posted by Toni
image by Unfurled

June was an exciting month for FGG, as we celebrated our first anniversary by receiving invaluable feedback from our readers through our first annual reader survey. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write such thoughtful, forthright responses. We love hearing from readers year-round, whether sending constructive criticism, kudos, questions, or suggestions for topics, and you can reach us any time by emailing [email protected]

In case you've been busy communing with a hammock or chaise lounge, here are some highlights from June on FGG, where we covered topics ranging from preventing chafing between fat rolls (a handy topic in sticky summer heat!) to minimizing body jiggle (helpful when wearing more revealing clothing during summer months). On that note, we also tackled strapless bras for larger chests, perfect under sundresses for busty girls, and this month's Sex and the Single Fat Girl column covered confidence while swimsuit socializing.

On the active front, we found some resources for a reader who asked where to find affordable plus-sized tennis clothing and another who wrote in search of rash guard shirts that are form-fitting without feeling like you're being smothered - a great find for girls inspired by our guide to surfing (one of my personal FGG faves to date).

With summer in full bloom, we're hoping our guides to being a foodie and gardening, along with our love for farmers markets will inspire you to explore the tastes of this abundant season. Even Michelle's tantalizing Foodie Fridays recipes were designed to beat the June heat, including a refreshing-yet-healthy shake (she had me at peanut butter paired with chocolate) and quick-cooking Greek quinoa salad with shrimp.

If you'd like to retrace our every step over the past month, our June archive is here. If you simply can't get enough of FGG and you're not already following us, we're also on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, and you can subscribe to our posts via an RSS feed or email, too. If you're reading and have no idea how any of these social media networks or feeds operate but were too shy to ask, go ahead and email us and we'd be glad to help (it won't hurt, we promise).