FGG Girls Blog Roundup
Posted by Tee
Rarely does a week go by these days that I'm not cracking open my RSS feed to add yet another poignant, funny, inspiring or important blog (and often all of these at once) that I've just stumbled on, usually written by a girl just like many of us who's struggling with weight, body image, and all those other murky feelings and circumstances we face every day.

I love finding them, but what I want to know is: with all these great blogs, how is it we still feel so alone with our fat girl issues?

So hey, let's not. We've already got a growing FGG Girls Flickr group, and now we're putting together a list of personal, FGG Girls blogs (we'll do one for pros and resource blogs in the plus-size industry down the road). So if you've got a blog of your own that touches on those issues, or have a favorite daily read that does, share it here in comments. Once we've got a good collection going, we'll make a directory here on the site so that anytime we're feeling alone in trudging through our troubles, need a fresh perspective or even just a good laugh about it, we can come in and start clickin'.

I'll start, with a new blog I stumbled on this week: Losing Little Pieces of Me

Your turn!