Lace up and ask for the right help with your fitness boost

Four fat girls walk into a gym. . .

Relax, friends, I'm not about to tell a tasteless joke. In setting up today's Guide, I thought I'd share a bit about my own experiences working with a personal trainer many years ago. And it really
On the approach to Reno's 8,300-foot Peavine Peak

If we’re talking semantics, I’ve always been more of a trekker than a hiker. I love a long, flat or gently-rolling surface, and even at a size 24 I could walk and walk all day until the shoes disintegrated off my feet. I’ve planned whole trips around the
Try something that looks fun but makes you nervous. We dare you.
(image by Lori Greig)

This summer, I tried something that terrified me. And I loved it.

Something about surrendering my body to a dark, narrow tube, hurtling downward through twists and turns, only to be unceremoniously ejected and swiftly deposited into the
relaxing moment courtesy of ximenacab

Some "Ask FGG" questions apply on any day of the year. Others, like this week's reader inquiry, seem custom-made for hot and steamy July days.
There's a spot on my back deck that would look great with a hammock, but I don't want to spend a lot of
Squeeze every bit of fun into your amusement park trip (Great America photo booth ca. 1998)

Until I was 14, I was terrified of roller coasters.

Per longstanding tradition, our 8th grade class trip took place at Sandusky, OH-based Cedar Point. It was 1990 and the Magnum had just debuted. The sleek, orange
Padded bike shorts protect you where it counts. (Image by L. Marie)

Summer is prime cycling time, so it seems only fitting that FGG's very own Tee posed this week's question in the comments of a recent Guide:
I’ve got an Ask FGG question of my own. Are there
Surf Diva Co-Founder Izzy Tihanyi doing what she does best

There's a group of vacationers who book cabins every July at the same Lake Huron resort where my family and friends spend the week. We call them "Extreme Family." The Extremes don't believe in our brand of lazy and relaxing vacation, a carefully crafted
The most gifted green thumb I know (Photo by Holly Mason)

All the green-thumbed ladies! (All the green-thumbed ladies. . .) Now put your trowels up!

Apologies, readers, as I'm working through a bit of a Beyoncé earworm today. But it's the perfect time of year to crank up a favorite tune
Skip the frills -- give us inexpensive tennis apparel that fits
(image by Hannahblu59)

Hi, do you have any advice on plus-size tennis apparel?  I've looked at Junonia but their selection is very limited -- and expensive!

It's true that while Junonia offers a good selection of active apparel designed for plus-sized
Look your best in a suit that both fits and flatters (image by BigGirlBlue)

The arrival of Memorial Day weekend means summer is finally here, bringing with it the hum of air conditioners, an ice cream sweet tooth, the overwhelming urge to run through sprinklers, and (deep breath, ladies) the return of