Swap Wheaton's book (sorry, Wil) for one of these fat-friendly titles (image by

Some girls over-pack clothes or make-up when they travel. One of my best friends insists on lugging along what we've dubbed a "shoe-case" because it's dedicated only to footwear. Me? I over-pack . . . well, everything, but
Still image from the Lane Bryant commercial-turned-Internet-sensation

I guess size does matter. No, Iím not talking about that. Iím talking about the new Lane Bryant TV ad that has stirred so much controversy. Seems that women parading around in their underwear is fine with television networks, so long as those women have
Webcam smootch, by Rhinovirus
I know there are several sites out there that cater to larger women/BBWs, but do you know of any true "all-sizes" dating web sites out there that don't exclude anyone regardless of size?"

By now most of us have heard about the publicity stunt, err, debate over Beautiful People, a dating
A guest post by actress Jenny Gattone

Think of me as a war correspondent- frankly, itís a jungle out here. I speak of course, of the City of Angels. And Iím right in the thick of the battle - a chubby girl trying to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

I like to joke that when
One of the features we'd like to have at FGG is an occasional round-up of the thoughts, opinions, ideas and experiences in the greater plus-size community - from what workout bra you love most to your favorite pasta recipe to your best vacation ever to what you want for Christmas.

This weekend, for our inaugural round-up,