Try something that looks fun but makes you nervous. We dare you.
(image by Lori Greig)

This summer, I tried something that terrified me. And I loved it.

Something about surrendering my body to a dark, narrow tube, hurtling downward through twists and turns, only to be unceremoniously ejected and swiftly deposited into the
I used to love wearing strappy summer dresses, with sorbet-colored skirts swaying just so as I walked. Once I'd gained enough weight to make thigh rub an issue, dresses gradually fell from my wardrobe, supplanted by Capri pants and Bermuda shorts. Add to it the belly I gained and never got around to losing after
The challenge: fitting a bra under this adorable dress (image via

Hi, FGG! I love the comfort and ease of sundresses, but they always leave me feeling over-exposed in the bust. Do bra-friendly sundresses exist? I can't spend the summer in sleeves!

Lightweight, airy and relatively inexpensive, sundresses are pure summertime comfort
Sacrifice for Beauty by JamieBates

Confidence comes from all different sources. Some girls draw strength from a personal mantra, a morning pep talk in the mirror, or a favorite song. Others feel their best when they know they've had a great cut and color, or when they've slipped
Sometimes, a traditional bra silhouette simply won't do (Satin and Velvet by ktpupp)

It's simple math, really. Warm temperatures + sleeveless tops and dresses + wedding season + an ongoing need for chest support = this timely question, which FGG editorial spotted in the wild on FatChic:
OK, we all can
Finding your summer clothing comfort zone takes practice Image by hartman045

Nobody should have to make a first impression while wearing a swimsuit. This isnít just a fat girl problem Ė itís intimidating for every single person. The unstoppable weekend machine of warm weather activities is running on all cylinders right now.
Skip the frills -- give us inexpensive tennis apparel that fits
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Hi, do you have any advice on plus-size tennis apparel?† I've looked at Junonia but their selection is very limited -- and expensive!

It's true that while Junonia offers a good selection of active apparel designed for plus-sized
Look your best in a suit that both fits and flatters (image by BigGirlBlue)

The arrival of Memorial Day weekend means summer is finally here, bringing with it the hum of air conditioners, an ice cream sweet tooth, the overwhelming urge to run through sprinklers, and (deep breath, ladies) the return of
Sleeves or No Sleeves? That is the question.
(image and dress courtesy of Stefanie Bezaire)

We love reader mail. Hearing what works - and what doesn't - here at FGG inspires us to provide the most useful and (hopefully) engaging content possible. Here's a recent reader email requesting a summer fashion fix for girls who are
Instead of chasing trends, find a hairstyle that compliments you

Weíve all had bad hair days, and bad hair cuts - like the time I chopped off my hair while pregnant, immediately transforming me into a human bowling pin. No matter our size, thereís a handful of great and not-so-great looks for us (a poodle perm