Image by Happywalks

Michelle has tempted us with mini muffins and cupcakes in the past, and this week's photo reveals how sweet it is to downsize our favorite treats (in this case, red velvet cupcakes). I love Regina's joyful smile here, and her adorable kitchen!

by photobonnie

If you haven't been by the FGG Girls Flickr group lately, come check out the growing collection of lovely portraits and self-portraits we've got from our awesome readers.

Never been? Need a refresher? Our Flickr group is a gathering spot where women who are overweight are encouraged to post photos of themselves living.
Image by Betsssssy

Welcome to November! Because we don't yet have any entries for this month's photo challenge (theme: COOKING), I combed flickr in search of a self portrait that would inspire our readers. I also decided what to have for lunch: a sandwich loaded with fresh veggies!

If you'd like a chance
New shoes by frageelay

Happy Birthday to FGG Editor, Toni, pictured above with her new fall shoes.

Today wraps up our All About Fall Flickr portrait contest, and Toni and I are pleased to announce that October's winner is Playing in the Leaves from happywalks. Congratulations, Regina! Head on over to Lonna's
Playing in the leaves, from happywalks

This is one of my favorite parts of fall - the blankets of leaves swirling at my feet and hugging the ground. I especially love when they start getting tinges of frost in the mornings. It's not that far off here in the northern Nevada foothills.

We've got one
Photo by doug88888 on flickr

What are your favorite things about this season? What feelings and memories do the shifting sunlight and changes in wardrobe and leaves evoke? For me, it's anything pumpkin-related - from recipes to carving to gazing at pretty pictures of them - and putting on sweaters and scarves
Into the Ocean, by Cat804

Join Our Photo Challenge!

Beginning this month, we’ll be hosting a contest each month for winners of our weekly photos. We’ll post our weekly photo challenge, and if you accept, you’ll add your photo to our FGG Girls Flickr group. Each week, Tee and I will select a
The adorable Tori steals the show in this image, but it's the unabashed playfulness on the faces of Kate and Cecily that makes it the perfect choice for this week's photo. As someone who's always been uncomfortable in front of a camera, these three ladies show a girl how it's done.

Photo Challenge
When I noticed this image in our FGG Girls Flickr Group, I was immediately struck by its power and gentle grace.

But I also appreciated the courage it took to post this photo, daring to appear beautiful and sensual while also revealing curves seldom seen in fashion magazines, television, or
This week's photo is from Tee's (FGG's very own) wedding day, a nontraditional fiesta in an unconventional setting: a remote valley in northern Nevada, complete with a dazzling meteor shower after nightfall.

This is one of my favorite sorts of photos: an unvarnished image that captures a moment in time with all of its delicious vibrancy