Incomplete Self byTinyBeauregard

This one was just fun. And cool. And the fact that the printed image (what we see) was less of herself than the negative (what's really there) was a nice metaphor for how we often see ourselves vs. how we truly are.

What funky image can you create of yourself that speaks to
Cinderelly, Cinderelly from midnighteskye

I was once as guilty as they come when it came to hiding  behind drab, mousy, baggy clothing. For years after I gained weight I kept only tans, blacks and grays in my wardrobe...maybe an occasional pair of blue jeans. I wanted to attract no attention. Color, especially bold color,
Photo by Midnighteskye

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We have several new photos and members in our FGG Girls Flickr Group (welcome, girls!). This image by Midnightskye caught my eye when I visited the group recently (where we have
In her element: Snowface, from Toni

I loved this the moment I saw it, and while Toni and I aren't eligible for monthly photo prizes for our own photos (obviously!) I wanted to showcase it, anyway. There is little more beautiful than the happiness obvious on our faces when we're truly engaged and in our
Who you callin' fat by Jamie Bates

Choosing this month's photo challenge winner was tough because so many new and colorful photos landed in our FGG Girls photo group. Jamie's image (above) is December's winning photo because of her distinctive, electrifying, and inspiring self portraiture style. Congrats, Jamie! Send
Real Women Have Curves, from Tia Bailey

This image struck me the minute I saw it. Soft, brave, beautiful, elegant. Everything we know deep down that we are, but are often too shy to capture publicly. Tia is considering starting a series of these. We hope she does, and if you agree, go on
Want Coffee? by Trinaaj

Who, us? Absolutely! We loved the this image, and not just because of our Pavlovian response to invitations involving coffee. How's this for a cool idea: when Trina (above) moved back to Adelaide, South Australia, she decided to call one person a week to meet with her for
Fun with my honey, from Kelle Sparta

I loved the contrast of this-is-a-serious-portrait background and clothing against the absolutely infectious, laugh-out-loud silliness in this photo. The palpable comfort and closeness between Kelle and her man makes me smile.

So what about you? What are you going to show us about how you're really living this
Self Portrait by Apple Green Amy

No post-turkey-day cooking photos landed in the FGG Girls group this week, but there's a bunch of great new sassy images there, including this self portrait. I love the color pop in the eyes, lips, and hair - and the "up to something" 'tude. That's
Better to burn out than fade away, by JamieBates

No cooking photos uploaded to the FGG Girls group this week, but lots of other good stuff - and I laughed out loud when I saw this one, we love it!

Each week we select one photo from our Flick group as the official FGG