Lauren looking smart + no-nonsense in a chic jumper dress
I've been job-hunting since October after being laid off from the job I've had since I first started putting on weight about eight or so years ago. So before now I never had to sit in front of an interview panel as the only
Toni's cute Keens

Here's a recent question for Ask FGG:
Can you help a sister find some wide width shoes that donít look like they belong to someone's grandma?

We loved this question, because we get it. Although not all fat girls wear a wide width and not all grandmas are dowdy, we are familiar with
Tailor's Shop, by Twenty Questions
What exactly can a tailor do to clothes? What parts are alterable and what parts are not?

I've never had anything tailored (is the picture of me as a hopeless fashion offender forming clearly in your mind yet?), so I took this question to one of San Francisco's favorite custom tailors,
"I recently heard that coffee stores fat. Please say it isn't so! I'm not ready to surrender my morning latte!"

We consulted registered dietitian Joanne Larsen of Ask the Dietitian for the straight scoop on the link between java and fat. "Plain coffee does nothing to store fat," she says. "What causes people to
Two Women Fencing, by George Eastman House
Iím trying to take up fencing. Iím fit for it, and excited for it, and I have a great place that doesnít even make you buy any gear for the first six lessonsóbut none of their fencing jackets fit me. Iíve shopped a little, but they donít seem
The Charm from Salomon Sports
I tried skiing for the first time last year, but gave up because I could barely get the boots I rented buckled, and they were so uncomfortable around my calf, which is about 18" around, that I couldn't stand it. The staff wasn't much help recommending another boot to try
Style&co.'s cotton winter coat from Macy's - 1x-3x $49.68

The pickins are slim for winter coats that fit larger, bustier women like me, without 1) making me look like a moving tent or an over-padded Michelin Man, and 2) costing me my whole winter clothing budget. Are there really no flattering plus-size coats out there
Cecily's ink still looks awesome. Indeed.
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo, but I'm concerned about it looking terrible if I keep losing (or end up gaining) more weight. What happens to tattoos when skin and shape changes?"

We spoke with tattoo artist Jon Kelly, owner of Olde Tyme Tattoo in Fullerton, California to get
Pear-shaped shadow by somegal
Is there a clothing store or brand that tends toward a pear-shaped silhouette? Iím 2 sizes smaller on top than on the bottom, so if it fits in the hips, Iím swimming in the top (Iím looking at you, Lane Bryant). I know what cuts minimize this effect,
I wonder how my maternal ancestors solved this problem.

Here's a recent question from one of our readers:

Whatís the best way to prevent your thighs from rubbing raw when youíre wearing a skirt or dress? I have a pair of Spanx, which are alright but they tend to roll down on me.

I think there


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