Skip the frills -- give us inexpensive tennis apparel that fits
(image by Hannahblu59)

Hi, do you have any advice on plus-size tennis apparel?  I've looked at Junonia but their selection is very limited -- and expensive!

It's true that while Junonia offers a good selection of active apparel designed for plus-sized
Sleeves or No Sleeves? That is the question.
(image and dress courtesy of Stefanie Bezaire)

We love reader mail. Hearing what works - and what doesn't - here at FGG inspires us to provide the most useful and (hopefully) engaging content possible. Here's a recent reader email requesting a summer fashion fix for girls who are
Are these Shape-ups fat-girl friendly?
Dear FGG: I keep seeing ads for all these shoes that tone your body just by walking in them. Do they actually work? And are they safe for overweight women to wear? I'm afraid I'll topple over!

Lately, it's hard to miss commercials for either the new Sketchers Shape-ups or
Sarongs spice up a curvy girl's summer wardrobe (Image by Gummo)

Dear FGG: I love the look of sarongs as bathing suit cover-ups, but they never wrap all the way around my hips, and either one thigh or my whole front is left totally exposed. Am I stuck with "one size fits
Facing a fat-girl nemesis (image by puroticorico)

The fire alarm went off in our ancient office building today -- welcome to Monday morning! After covering our ears and exchanging "really?" glances, we reluctantly allowed ourselves to be herded toward the stairwell, where we began descending the stairs -- all 17 flights of
A "date" dress by molmanik
Dear FGG: I have five weddings (3 indoor, 2 outdoor) and a christening to attend before Labor Day. Got any suggestions about finding fun & tasteful special-occasion dresses in plus sizes? Thanks!

Girl, are you ever in good company! Spring and summer are boon times for weddings, graduations,
image by marco sickofgoodbyes
What are some good at-home workouts for beginners?

Whether your goal is weight loss, stress relief, improved flexibility or just stronger muscles and more energy to keep up with household chores/kids/the demands of an average day, the fact is our bodies need to move. Here at FGG, we’ve presented
the weigh-in by I Don't Know, Maybe?
Dear FGG: Are there any bathroom scales that are better for us big girls?"

Yes! If you caught the recent press onslaught for the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, which now provides users the option of broadcasting their stats via Twitter, your response may well
Someone at FGG may have a slight addiction to Gilligan & O'Malley PJs

A recent Ask FGG covered plus size lingerie, and this week, we're tackling a related reader question:
I'm a size 22 and need to find some cute PJs that don't cost a fortune or look like something my granny would wear. Help!

The cautionary tale of Wounded soldier by twodolla

As my college friends gathered this weekend to help celebrate my birthday (thanks again, guys!), we excitedly planned our get-togethers for the next several months: Birthdays. Weddings and babies. Pool parties. Camping. All of this outdoor fun brought to mind an age-old fat girl