Can You Eat Acidic Fruits on the Alkaline Diet?
Posted by Jordan in Acidic Food

This is a very common question from people who are considering or just starting the alkaline diet. Since many fruits are rather acidic in their natural form outside the body, there is a general assumption that they would all be off limits to a diet concerned with controlling acid inside the body.

In fact, this is the opposite of the truth! This is one of the little-understood aspects of the alkaline diet, so listen up...

Acidic vs. Acidifying

It is important to understand the big difference between foods that are acidic in nature while sitting on your plate and those that are acidifying once they enter your body. The alkaline diet is set up to avoid foods that are acidifying internally, so how acidic it might be in its natural, uneaten form is not as important.

Some acidic fruits are actually alkaline inside the body! Surprisingly, citrus fruits and pineapple are some of the most acidic fruits outside the body, but they are alkaline once you put them into your body. Not only are they acceptable on the alkaline diet, but they are actually encouraged.

Acidic Fruits

So, what about acidic fruits that are in fact acidifying internally? Again, you might assume all acidic fruits are off the table for this plan, but that is another misunderstanding.

An all-alkaline diet would never be healthy, even if it were possible to live with. Therefore, eating some acidic fruits is completely acceptable on the plan. This is not an overly restrictive diet which forbids all foods that increase acid inside the body.

The alkaline diet does allow for 20 to 35 percent of your daily diet to be made up of acidic foods. It is actually a great idea to make some of those non-alkaline foods acidic fruits and vegetables since they offer so many beneficial vitamins and nutrients that your body needs for overall health.

Fresh fruit also offers a lot of fiber which will help with digestion and help you feel fuller for longer periods of time between meals. Try to include many internally alkaline fruits in your daily diet, but keep the acidic fruits that you love on hand as well. Just control the portions of the acidic fruits.

Acidic fruits are always going to be a healthier option than fried foods, sugary treats, and other types of acidic food that are virtually devoid of nutrients.

The Alkaline Diet and Your Health

It turns out the alkaline diet is not as restrictive as many people assume before fully looking into how it works. It is true that many fruits are highly acidic in nature when you look at them as they are in their whole form outside the body. But, now you know that the acidic nature is not as important as whether it increases the amount of acid inside the body.

Fresh fruits actually make great alkaline diet snacks. They are fast, delicious, and will often satisfy a craving for something sweet. You can mix up your own fresh fruit salad and keep it in the fridge or slice up fresh fruit into small baggies and keep them on hand for on-the-go snacks for the entire family.

Bottom line, fresh fruits and vegetable are encouraged on the alkaline diet! Many fruits are actually alkaline and healthy internally, while even the acidic fruits have their place inside the system.