Benefits of the Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
The goal of the alkaline diet is to combat one of the most common nutritional problems in the United States and other developed nations: Excess acidity caused by eating too many acid-forming foods and not enough alkaline foods.

A healthy human body has a slightly alkaline pH. One of the clues to the importance of maintaining a proper internal pH is the existence of three separate mechanisms for removing excess acid. Your kidneys, skin, and lungs expel acids in your urine, sweat, and exhaled breath. However, when you eat too many acidifying foods, these foods can overwhelm your body's ability to eliminate excess acids. The result can be that your body begins breaking down bone and muscle in order to free alkaline minerals. When these minerals are used to soak up acids, they are eliminated in your urine.

In time, this coping mechanism can cause your body to be depleted of alkaline minerals. The resulting mineral deficiencies can cause many side effects, including increased inflammation, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis.

In addition, the acids that build up in the body can themselves be harmful. The mitochondria which supply the body with energy may begin to function at a lower level, resulting in fatigue. Other symptoms of a low-alkaline diet include inflammation, reduced immune function, and increased free radical activity. The delicate balance of intestinal microorganisms can be disrupted, leading to digestive problems. Even mild acidosis can lead to a low-oxygen environment, which reduces the ability of cells to repair themselves. On the other hand, harmful microorganisms often thrive in an oxygen-poor environment.

Convinced of the alkaline diet's benefits, but not sure how to start alkalizing your body? The first step is to understand the ways that different foods affect your body's acid-alkaline balance, which is why an alkaline diet food chart can be a helpful tool. Once you know what foods to emphasize, you need to know how to turn them into tasty and convenient meals. This is where alkaline diet recipes can be very helpful.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of the alkaline diet's many benefits. Although there is a lot of science behind the alkaline diet, you don't need to be a chemist to put it into practice. Simply pick one or two dietary changes that will give you the greatest benefit, then put them into action.