Ask FGG: Where can I find plus-size clothes for pear-shaped bodies?
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Pear-shaped shadow by somegal
Is there a clothing store or brand that tends toward a pear-shaped silhouette? Iím 2 sizes smaller on top than on the bottom, so if it fits in the hips, Iím swimming in the top (Iím looking at you, Lane Bryant). I know what cuts minimize this effect, and I have a great tailor, but Iíd like to be able to go somewhere and buy something off the rack without having to allot time for making it fit."

Great question. A shop that specializes in, or at least has a great selection of, fashion for pear-shaped figures stumped us, so we took it to our peeps on Twitter, the Dooce community, and around the web. Here's what we found:

Old Navy: they've got a growing plus-size collection, and a lot of their stuff has a nice lower drape to hide fuller hips, buns and stomachs.

Igigi: Lots of love out there for their pear-shape-friendly lines, their colors and their awesome super sales.

1-Plus: Sizes 14 and up here for Addition Elle, MXM and Pennington's. Addition Elle, specifically, offers an essential-fit pant guide for four body shapes, including pear shapes.

Nordstrom: In Nordstrom's plus-size shop, you can search by both size and body shape. Selecting pear-shape styles turns up more than 200 results.

Ralph Lauren: Controversial now for the photoshop flap, Ralph Lauren still has a surprising number of plus-size fans. Facts is facts, they say - RL offers some of the most form-fitting plus-size apparel in the industry, with realistic proportions for a variety of body shapes.

J. Jill: Fans say J. Jill carries cuts that are flattering for both pear and apple shapes, and that their plus-sizes fall on the generous side.

Torrid, Avenue, Macy's : Some say they've been able to find the perfect, pear-shaped apparel at these shops, but that it's generally hit-or-miss.

Make Your Own Jeans: We ran across this shop and had to include it, even though it's not an off-the-rack solution. While neither of us has experience with it (if you do, let us know!), and their custom jeans are pricey, the idea of perfect-fitting jeans gives us goose bumps.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out! Now it's your turn. For all our similarly-shaped readers, what's your favorite shop for a wide, consistent variety of stylish, pear-shaped apparel?