Ask FGG: Where can I find form-fitting, plus-size pants?
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White Stag Woman "Stretch", size 22 average
I'm a size 20 with a lot of junk in the trunk, so to speak, and a post-baby belly, but my waist in back curves in a little bit. Pants that fit my hips, belly and butt well end up gaping in the back at the waistline. Do you know if any nice, zip-up pants made to fit this kind of body shape?"

I can hear the collective whoosh of the plus-size community nodding in unison. I'm sure our readers will have their favorites to suggest, but I can tell you that White Stag Woman definitely gets that we aren't shaped like cardboard boxes - uniform from the bottom up. Several White Stag styles are nice because they can double as a work or casual pant, and their shape minimizes the post-baby belly outline.

Unfortunately I don't see them around often, but at last check Walmart still carried these, and there's an array of styles and sizes to be found on eBay as well.

What about our readers? What's your favorite fitted pant?

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