Ask FGG: Where can I find cute shoes in wide widths?
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Here's a recent question for Ask FGG:
Can you help a sister find some wide width shoes that donít look like they belong to someone's grandma?

We loved this question, because we get it. Although not all fat girls wear a wide width and not all grandmas are dowdy, we are familiar with clothing stores that offer plus size "styles" only a sack of potatoes could love. Why the fashion industry relies on assumptions such as "larger size = tall woman" and "plus size women don't care about fashion" is beyond us.

But fortunately, when it comes to wide width shoes, the tide appears to be turning in the fat girls' favor. If you haven't seen it already, here's our guide to fall boots that fit wider calves, and here's a few retailers that offer cute shoes in wider widths: - The reasons to love this company are myriad. First off, you can search for your size and width from the home page. Second, they have a decent selection of dress shoes in wide widths, including the Bella-Vita Sante in silver patent leather - how cute are these? Third, they offer free shipping on purchases AND returns. And finally, nce you find a brand you like, you can sign up for email updates when new styles arrive in your size.

Avenue's Cloudwalkers - An entire line of fashionable shoes in a wide width. How great is that? Check out these Paige Peep Toe Woven Wedges--adorable! While they only offer two styles in a WW width, these cute, current styles are a step in the right direction. Since Avenue recently added size 7 to the Cloudwalkers lineup, they seem like a company who will listen to customers' input, so drop them a line and let them know what you'd like to see in your size.

Torrid - The name says it all: these are not shoes for shy girls, and they're sized to "fit a wider foot and calf." Take the Red Patent Quincy Cuffed Heel. 'Nuff said.

Designer Shoes - Efficient shoppers who like to get in and out of a site quickly will love this site, which lists shoes by size and width in the sidebar. Click your size/width combo and instantly see what they have in stock. They carry a lot of the Naturalizer line, especially for WW widths,† and while this isn't the most cutting edge in terms of style, we found a notable exception: these Princeton strappy heels. (The Naturalizer web site has two pages of styles in an extra wide width).

For you girls out there who wear a wide width shoe - what are your favorite brands, and where do you buy them?