Ask FGG: Where Can I Find Cheap Plus-Size Pajamas?
Posted by Toni in Ask FGG
Someone at FGG may have a slight addiction to Gilligan & O'Malley PJs

A recent Ask FGG covered plus size lingerie, and this week, we're tackling a related reader question:
I'm a size 22 and need to find some cute PJs that don't cost a fortune or look like something my granny would wear. Help!

This is one I was excited to take on, because after years of wearing men's flannel PJ pants and over-sized t-shirts, I discovered Gilligan & O'Malley at Target. They're often much cheaper than Lane Bryant, where it seems the pickins have been slim in the PJ section in their stores lately, too (or is that just me?). Many of the Gilligan & O'Malley pajamas come in a stretchy, silky polyester/spandex fabric that is absolutely divine against your skin. They come in feminine, flirty styles (as opposed to the more matronly offerings many retailers reserve for plus size women). Even better: they're generously sized. I wore an XXL pajama set (listed as a size 20 online) while pregnant with my third son and pushing a size 24, and I purchased two pair of XL when I was a 22 and they fit comfortably (though I'm not particularly large-chested, so you'll want to compare these sizes yourself).

The runner-up in the cute plus size pajama department: Wal Mart.

We're already in love with their affordable-and-cute Danskin Now workout wear, and while I haven't tried out any of their fabrics, there are quite a few styles to choose from at a great price point - and they go up to a size 3X.

What about you, readers? Find any generously sized, slinky, feminine or sexy PJs for a song lately? Tell us about it in the comments.