Ask FGG: Where can I find afforable workout wear?
Posted by Toni in Ask FGG
Danskin NOW Pants ($12.99) and T-Shirt ($7.99)

A reader wrote to ask:
Dear FGG,

It's a new year and I made a resolution to get in better shape. But I'm having a hard time finding workout clothes that fit and I can actually afford. Help!

Here's a starting point that's relatively convenient for most people: the Danskin NOW line launched recently (and exclusively) at Wal Mart, with plus sizes ranging between 1X and 4X. These are definitely affordable - tops and bottoms range in price from between $9 - $12. The fabric is comfortable too: very soft, flexible, and it even handles sweat well. The pants pictured here have gathered ankles to keep you from getting caught in fast-moving equipment.

As with the White Stag Woman line we wrote about last week, not all styles are available on the Wal Mart web site, so you really have to dig around your local store to see what they offer. I'm going to look for one of those $9 tank tops now that I signed up for regular (gentle) yoga classes again. Love that fiery orange! (They even have pretty yoga mats for $15).

If you're looking for a plus size sports bra, our readers continually sing the praises of Enell sports bras; you might have to pay more for one, but when it comes to supporting "the girls," it's a worthy investment. Danskin also offers other plus size items (including a Racer Back Bra in up to size 4X) which run between $30-$40 and are available at most sports retailers.

Find any post-holiday workout deals for us big girls? Share your plus size bargain finds in the comments.