Ask FGG: "What exactly can a tailor do for my clothes?"
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Tailor's Shop, by Twenty Questions
What exactly can a tailor do to clothes? What parts are alterable and what parts are not?

I've never had anything tailored (is the picture of me as a hopeless fashion offender forming clearly in your mind yet?), so I took this question to one of San Francisco's favorite custom tailors, Seymour's Fashions. Ravi Bulchandani was kind enough to provide some insight into the process of custom tailoring and alterations:

"For women we take about 12 to 14 measurements of the upper body, and another six measurements for the legs. If a client has a difficult hip area, we would do a "hip map" - taking measurements from the waist down every 3 to 4 inches and checking the circumference of the client’s hips.

Once we have taken all of the necessary measurements we cut/alter each garment from those measurements, then prepare the garment for fitting. Once we see how the fit is at this point, we make the changes we need to, i.e., take in, let out, shorten, or lengthen based on what we see. After the fitting is done we go back to work on the garment to finish it."

There are no doubt lots of other details to understand about custom tailoring and alterations, so I'll turn it over to those of you who've had them done. What can you tell us about the process, and what advice would you offer?