Ask FGG: Best bathroom scales for big girls?
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the weigh-in by I Don't Know, Maybe?
Dear FGG: Are there any bathroom scales that are better for us big girls?"

Yes! If you caught the recent press onslaught for the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, which now provides users the option of broadcasting their stats via Twitter, your response may well have echoed that of my friend Stacey when she linked to this gem on Facebook: "Um, no, I don't think so." (I might have added a few other choice words there and concluded with "death first," but Stacey likes to keep it classy.)

While bathroom scales can provide a reality check when used properly (i.e. for weekly weigh-ins, not after-every-meal obsessions), most of us probably don't need our friends, family and the guy we sat next to in geometry class reading real-time updates of our weight fluctuations. In the interest of a down-to-earth approach to weight monitoring for those who seek it, we've compiled a few scale suggestions that accommodate higher weights and offer just the facts, ma'am.

Weight Watchers Glass Memory Precision Scale

Conair makes numerous Weight Watchers-branded models, but the WW43D provides a weight capacity of 380 pounds (the standard these days is 330), a wide (12.5"), stable platform and a large display for easy readability -- all in a sleek and affordable ($40-$45) package. It tracks weight (including goals and progress) for four users, and reviewers rave about its consistently accurate readings, thanks to a leveling device that tells you when you're standing squarely on the base. And don't fear the "Weight Watchers" moniker; the company's logo (two W's and a swirl) is relatively subtle and doesn't scream "plus-sized" or "Diet Girl."

Tanita HD-351 Digital Weight Scale

The over-sized (19"H x 15"W) low-profile weighing base on the HD-351 ($65-$75) is a great match for girls with thick thighs or joint issues that prohibit placing feet close together on a standard scale. Better still, those weighing in at the high end of the scale's 440-pound capacity report that it still feels sturdy and stable. Described by users as very consistent with its readings, this model gives the current and previous weight for as many as five users, delivered on an easy-to-read, two-line LCD display. This feature provides greater personalization, (tracking morning vs. evening weights, for example), though some more private users have been known to keep a "reset" gallon of water in the bathroom to weigh afterward -- or to banish husbands from touching the scale altogether.

Seca 813 Robusta High Capacity Digital Floor Scale

Despite a weight limit of 440 pounds, you won't find the word "robust" visible anywhere on this professional-quality, fat girl-friendly scale. Instead, users will appreciate the extra-wide (15"), low-profile weighing base, which is covered in non-slip black rubber and soft, raised circles to give feet extra traction. This is a pricier model ($115-$130), but users say the heavy-duty stability and thin, lightweight design is worth the expense. Be sure to switch the LCD setting to your preference of pounds or kilograms via the small switch on the scale's bottom.

How do you choose to track your weight, if you choose to track your weight? Share your thoughts on basic vs. "bells and whistles" models in comments.