Ask FGG: "Are there any fat-girl friendly dating sites?"
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Webcam smootch, by Rhinovirus
I know there are several sites out there that cater to larger women/BBWs, but do you know of any true "all-sizes" dating web sites out there that don't exclude anyone regardless of size?"

By now most of us have heard about the publicity stunt, err, debate over Beautiful People, a dating site that not only denies members access if they don't fit the traditional definition of beautiful (i.e., thin, among other things), but even goes so far as to kick current members off if they gain too much weight. Apparently they just did a post-holiday sweep for members who dug a little too deep into the turkey. Ouch.

For the rest of us, myriad options for online dating services exist - but finding the most fat-friendly of those takes a little peeking under the hood. We did a quick-and-dirty recon; here's what we found:

AOL Personals
Less its own service and more an aggregate spot for other services like and e-Harmony (who we haven't included here, because they've got a bad rap for being iffy to fat chicks), a quick browse through here reveals plenty of women in the 14+ size range online here, and a fair share of good-looking men with related preferences (or at the very least an openness to most body types). Membership cost/details depends on which service you end up subscribing to.
I wouldn't have expected it, but of all the general population sites, seemed to have the largest variety of people and body types - from fat and fabulous to frumpy and shy to sweet and svelte. And, as they say, "it's free to look."
Ignore the weird name, there are plenty of kindred chubby spirits in here, both men and women, to be found. A quick search of my own zip code (mid-sized metro area) yielded several pages, and most of these people looked suspiciously like you and me. Free to join.

I almost included here as an option, because at first glance it was a cool idea (and completely free), but a closer look reveals a disturbing number of conversations in their forums about guys frustrated with "fat chicks" for this or that reason. My advice: steer clear.

Finally, for those of you who aren't familiar with some of the better sites designed specifically for plus-sized singles, here's a rundown.

More to Love
MTL seems to get high ratings among users and reviewers, and seems a little less focused on "hooking up" and more on long-term relationship starters. Includes chat rooms, message boards and anonymous email boxes. Free to join.

BBW People Meet
Fairly basic, but seems to have a large number of active members. Members can add audio and video to their profiles. Easy sign-up, free to join.

BBW Cupid
Feels a little stodgy, but seems to be a decent dating site. Multiple levels of membership, but free to join, browse, read messages and contact paying members.

BBW Romance
Another site with high user ratings, BBWR is broken down into state/regional sub-sites so members can browse far and wide or close to home. Free to join.

What about our readers? I know I've missed some, and that some of you have experiences with those we've listed to share. Let's have it!