Are Acid Alkaline Diets Necessary?
Posted by Jordan in Acid Alkaline Diet
Recent years have seen the publication of many books about acid alkaline diets. However, before you go to the trouble of changing how you eat, you would probably like to know exactly why you would want to try one of these diets. I wrote this article to share with you the most important benefits of acid alkaline diets.

Let's start with a bit of scientific background about this nutritional approach. Although not everyone accepts the value of acid alkaline diets, it is an proven scientific fact that even a small change in acid-alkaline balance can have a profound effect on your state of health. In fact, severe acidosis or alkalosis can cause the patient to fall into a coma, or even die. Fortunately, the body constantly works to get rid of excess acid. The lungs, skin, and kidneys all function to remove acids from the body. In addition, the parathyroid can signal the bones to release stored minerals, which help to buffer the excess acid.

If all of this is true--and it is--then why do you need to follow an acid alkaline diet? Why not simply eat whatever you want and let your body take care of maintaining the right acid-alkaline balance? Well, the answer is that the diet that most people eat today is heavily weighted toward acid-forming foods. Consuming this diet leads to an accumulation of acidity that is more than the body can handle. In turn, this excess acidity can lead to various harmful effects, ranging from increased inflammation to bone loss.

When you follow an acid alkaline diet, you will be reducing the major source of acidity, giving your body's built-in pH-control mechanisms the opportunity to maintain a proper internal pH without wearing themselves out.

Research into the health benefits of an alkaline diet is still underway. However, some authors say that this type of diet can help to maintain muscle tone and bone strength, as well as reducing inflammation and even enhancing immune function. Alkaline diets are rich in fruits and vegetables, which have been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

To return to the question with which I began this article, there are many benefits of acid alkaline diets. Which ones are most important to you will depend upon your needs and lifestyle. I follow an alkaline diet myself, and I believe that this innovative way of eating has something for people of all ages and from all walks of life.