Anti-Acid Foods for the Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jordan in Acidic Food

Having too high a level of acid in your body is not good for your overall well-being. Excessive levels of acidity in your body will lower your energy levels, can lead to inflammation of certain organs, and will reduce the effectiveness of your body's immunity system.

Your body has its own natural ability to adjust the respective levels of alkalis and acids. It does this by drawing on its supplies of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The problem however, if you continue to consume too many foods that naturally create acid in your digestive system, is that your reserves of these important alkaline stabilizing chemicals will be depleted, and this in itself can be injurious to you well-being. For example, it is a well known fact that calcium facilitates the growth and maintenance of good bone structure. Depleted levels of calcium can produce the brittle bone disease, osteoporosis.

The human body's natural state is one of being slightly alkaline, like the oceans from which all life originally sprang. Our earliest ancestors would have had alkaline-biased body systems because their diet consisted of mostly alkaline or anti-acid foods, which include fresh, whole, and unprocessed foods. Not only is a slightly alkaline body system necessary for optimum health, (excess acid can lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of your body's immune system); it also creates an environment whereby your body can maximize the production of energy. The mitochondria, (which are responsible for producing your body's energy), do not function efficiently when your body system is too acidic.

By going on an alkaline diet, you are not only going to enhance your overall well-being, raise your energy levels, and improve your immune systems efficiency, but you are also going to lose any excess weight that you may be carrying. This is down to the fact that most of the anti-acid foods are the same as those that are normally prescribed in a calorie-controlled diet for weight loss.

For example, most fresh fruit and vegetables have the capability to produce alkaline when they are being digested in the body's digestive system. While some fruit and vegetables have more calories than others, (and some contain more fats and carbohydrates), in general the fats are essential fats, (complimentary to good health), and the carbohydrates are those that last longer, make you feel more filled up, and produce longer lasting energy. But as with all diets, it is important to remember the necessity of balancing ingredients, vitamins and minerals, as well as acids and alkalines. Indeed it is fine to ingest some acidic food, as long as this is kept within proportion and balance with the alkaline creating foods you consume.

An effective alkaline diet promotes the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with some whole grain foods, and certain selected legumes, seeds and nuts. Foods that are known to generate acids, (including meat and poultry, fish and seafood and some dairy products), can be consumed on a limited basis. When combined in the right proportions, this will give you your well balanced combination of acid and alkaline, but with a limit on acidity while maintaining your body in a slightly alkaline state.

Weight loss is a natural consequence of following an alkaline diet, and when combined with regular exercise, it will prove to be an invaluable tool towards achieving maximum controlled, long-lasting weight loss without the hunger that other diets can create.