Alkaline pH Diet
Posted by Jordan in pH Diet

The alkaline pH diet, more commonly known as the acid alkaline diet or simply the alkaline diet, is a diet in which most of the foods you eat have an alkalizing effect on the body.

The word "diet" has gotten a bad rap, and with good reason. Many people have repeatedly tried to lose weight on unsafe and impractical fad diets. Before long, they inevitably find these diets too difficult to follow, and any weight they lost quickly returns. Because of these experiences, some people have given up on dieting altogether.

These days, we think of a diet as a short-term plan to lose weight. But the word diet originally meant a way of life. And that's the best spirit in which to approach the pH diet. It's not a trendy plan that you adopt for two weeks so that you can slim down for your daughter's wedding. Instead, it's a common-sense approach to maintaining a healthy weight and good health for life.

The Alkaline pH Diet for Weight Loss

With the obesity epidemic reaching alarming proportions, most of us are naturally interested in how we can lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight for life. This second part is key, because as difficult as it is to lose weight, keeping it off is even more difficult.

Everyone seems to have a different theory about which foods make people fat, and which foods help people to lose weight. But the most important factor in determining whether someone loses weight, gains weight, or stays the same is the difference between calories consumed through food and calories expended through exercise and basic metabolic activity.

The two keys to lasting weight loss are regular exercise and a diet that is satisfying but relatively low in total calories. Please note that a crash diet that drastically restricts caloric intake is not a healthy and effective way to lose weight. On the contrary, this type of diet can actually backfire by making you miserable and causing your body to go into starvation mode, holding onto excess body fat rather than burning it.

Not All Alkalizing Foods Are Good for Weight Loss

It should be said that following an alkaline pH diet does not guarantee that you will see the weight-loss results you want. Some alkalizing foods, such as almonds, avocados, cashews, and olives, are high in fat, and therefore also high in calories. These are healthy foods that can be part of a weight loss or weight maintenance plan, but they need to be consumed in moderation.

The good news is that most of the foods on the alkaline diet are very good for weight loss. These foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are filling but low in calories. Whole grains and legumes, which are also part of this diet, are somewhat higher in calories, but still much better for weight loss than processed snacks and soft drinks. Overall, the alkaline pH diet just might be the ultimate diet weight loss and overall health.