Alkaline Diet Foods for Athletes
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet
Many people who have become disillusioned with low-carb diets are turning to the alkaline diet. Most people who adopt the alkaline diet do so because they want to lose weight, improve their overall health, or overcome bothersome health problems such as acid reflux, fatigue, and indigestion.

But even if you're an alkaline diet believer, you may doubt that it's an appropriate choice for athletes. Let's face it, the general belief is that if you want to build strong muscles, you need to load up on protein. That's why so many athletes and bodybuilders fill up on egg whites, chicken breast, and protein shakes.

Yet contrary to popular belief, the most important key to muscle development is rigorous training, not a high-protein diet. No matter how many protein shakes you drink, you're going to have to spend time in the gym if you want to get lean and muscular.

However, if you are training hard, you may not need as much protein as you think you do. Even the famous bodybuilder and fitness expert Tom Venuto has said that many bodybuilders overestimate protein requirements.

You don't need to eat huge amounts of protein to build strong bones and muscles. In fact, several studies have shown that eating too much protein can actually cause a reduction in bone and muscle mass. This is because when the body becomes too acidic, it responds by withdrawing alkaline minerals from your bones. It can also break down muscle tissue to release glutamine, an alkalizing amino acid. These mechanisms prevent acid from building up to a dangerous level, but at the cost of reduced bone and muscle strength.

Athletes have similar nutritional needs to non-athletes, although they do need a higher caloric intake and somewhat more protein than those who are not as physically active.

A properly designed alkaline diet can provide sufficient protein, as well as complex carbohydrates for energy and vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which support peak physical and mental performance. In short, the alkaline diet can be a good choice for people who demand the most from their bodies.