Alkaline Diet Food List
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet

People who are new to the alkaline way of eating are often frustrated by the difficulty of finding a useful alkaline diet food list. This is a shame, because the alkaline diet is beneficial for many conditions. The essence of this diet is to eat more foods that have an alkalizing effect on the body, while avoiding foods that have an acidifying effect. But how are you supposed to know which foods to avoid?

The Problem with the Average Alkaline Diet Food List

It isn't difficult to find an alkaline diet food list on the Internet. But if you're serious about following the alkaline diet properly, you quickly discover that most such lists have three basic flaws:

  1. They're incomplete. The first problem is that most food lists leave out many foods. Of course, you might not be surprised that some exotic foods haven't been tested for their effect on acid-alkaline balance. But it's annoying to find that such common foods as chicken, lettuce, and tomato have been omitted.

  2. They're inaccurate. The science behind the alkaline diet has progressed dramatically in recent years, but some lists are still relying on outdated sources, such as Herman Aihara's 1971 book Acid and Alkaline. Mr. Aihara was one of the pioneers of the alkaline diet, and his book is well worth reading. But some of his food classifications are not useful. For example, he says that coffee is alkalizing, while all other authorities describe it as acidifying.

  3. They're inconvenient. What happens once you track down an acidic food list on the Internet? Well, you don't want to have to come back to your computer every time you want to look up a food, so you print it out—only to discover that it's poorly formatted and uses up your whole toner cartridge.

Introducing the Ultimate Acid Alkaline Food Chart

You don't always want to browse through page after page of detailed food tables. Sometimes what you really want is a well-designed one-page chart that makes it easy to see how your pH balance is affected by the foods you eat every day.

Believe me, I've experienced your frustration. After I got mad, I got motivated and created an attractive chart which lists 127 common foods. A color-coded rating system makes it easier than ever before to find out how your acid-alkaline balance will be affected by the foods you eat—before you eat them. Because I believe everyone should have access to this information, I'm making this chart available as a free download on The Alkaline Diet Blog.