Alkaline Diet Food Chart
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet food chart is the single most important tool for anyone who wants to follow the alkaline diet. After all, the essence of the alkaline diet is to eat more alkalizing foods and fewer acidifying ones. Because this information is not common knowledge, many people end up searching the Internet for alkaline diet food charts.

Unfortunately, finding a good alkaline diet food chart is more difficult than one would initially suspect. Many of the charts that are available suffer from three basic flaws:

What's Wrong with Most Alkaline Diet Food Charts?

  1. The first problem with most charts of this type is that they are incomplete. Of course, there will always be some rare foods that haven't been tested to find out how they affect acid-alkaline balance. But you might reasonably expect an acidic foods chart to include common foods such as corn, rice, and potatoes. Unfortunately, some charts omit even these common foods.

  2. The second problem is that they are inaccurate. The science behind the alkaline diet is improving rapidly, but some authorities haven't kept up. Some interject personal opinions, while others rely on references that are decades old.

  3. The third problem is that they're inconvenient. It's easy to find an acidic foods chart on the Internet, only to discover that it's 30 pages long—not a one-page handout that you can easily post on your refrigerator door or take along to the grocery store.