Alkaline Diet Chart
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Diet

Warning: You could easily ruin your alkaline diet almost before you get started. How? By basing your food selections on an inaccurate alkaline diet chart that you found on the Internet. After careful research, I have found that many, if not most, of the food charts around the web are riddled with inaccuracies.

Does this mean that nutritional authorities can't be trusted, or that the alkaline diet itself is worthless? The answer to the second question is that thousands of people have seen firsthand the powerful health benefits of this natural diet. As for the first question, some alkaline diet experts may be frauds, but I believe that the majority are genuinely trying to provide useful information. The trouble is that many people rely on outdated sources to determine which foods are acidifying and which ones are alkalizing, ignoring the fact that the science behind the alkaline diet is rapidly evolving.

Unfortunately, when you base your food choices on an inaccurate alkaline diet chart, you set yourself up for failure. After all, the essence of this diet is eating more alkalizing foods and fewer acidifying ones. If you're relying on inaccurate food chart, it says if you were flying a plane with broken navigation controls. It doesn't matter how hard you try or how carefully you read the instructions if those instructions are wrong.

Another problem with most alkaline diet charts is that they fail to include some common foods. The weird thing is that they sometimes do include strange foods that hardly anyone eats, yet they leave out one or two foods that are in almost everyone's shopping cart. It can be pretty frustrating to wonder if you should eat a certain food on this diet, and not be able to find out for certain because you don't have access to a reliable source of information.