Alkaline Body Diet
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Body

The alkaline body diet is also known as the acid alkaline diet, or simply as the alkaline diet. Whatever you call it, it isn't as complicated as some people think. In fact, you can get pretty far just by following the five rules below:

1. Get Enough Protein, But Not Too Much

If you listen to bodybuilders and low-carb diet gurus, they will give you the impression that protein is a miracle for building muscle and gaining fat. But the truth is that too much as well as too little protein can damage your health.

Protein is made up of amino acids, many of which are rich in the minerals phosphorus and sulfur. When the protein has been digested and absorbed, the phosphorus and sulfur combine with water to form phosphoric and sulfuric acid. So while some protein is essential for health, too much protein leads to overacidity.

How much is too much? Well, consider that the U.S. government recommends a daily protein intake of 56 grams for men and 44 grams for women. Yet many Americans consume over 100 grams of protein per day! If you eat this much protein, reducing your protein intake could be the single most important thing you can do to improve your acid-alkaline balance.

2. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Sound familiar? It should. Study after study has supported the benefits of eating whole fruits and vegetables. These foods are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial phytochemicals. They are also filling, but low in calories, making them suitable for weight loss. Finally, most fruits and vegetables help you create an alkaline body because they are rich in potassium.

Some specific alkalizing vegetables include asparagus, kale, eggplant, lotus root, and most types of squash. Alkalizing fruits include apples, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, mangos, and papayas.

3. Cut Out Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are highly acidifying, and they're a major source of empty calories. Enough said, right? But please understand that I'm not just talking about colas and citrus-flavored soda pop. When I tell you to lay off soft drinks, I'm using that term to include iced tea, energy drinks, sports drinks, and sweetened "vitamin waters."

In fact, I recommend that you avoid any beverage that contains added natural or artificial sweeteners. What should you drink instead? Green tea, herb teas, red bush (rooibos) tea, white tea, mineral water, and plain old water, preferably tap water that you have run through your own reverse osmosis filtration system.

4. Cut Back on Baked Goods

In addition to bread, this category also includes things like bagels, crackers, pop tarts, and sweet rolls. The main ingredient in most baked goods is white flour, which in addition to being acidifying, is almost completely lacking in nutritional value. Making a bad situation worse, these foods often contain sugar and unhealthy fats as well.

If you want to eliminate baked goods from your diet altogether, more power to you. You don't need to eat these foods to be healthy. If you don't want to give them up altogether, exercise moderation and choose whole-grain options.

5. Junk the Junk Food

Most junk foods fall into one of two categories: There are salty snacks, like corn chips, crackers, mixed nuts, potato chips, and pretzels, and then there are sweet snacks, like hard candy, chocolate bars, cupcakes, and sweet rolls. As you can see, some of these "junk foods" also overlap with the "baked goods" category.

What's wrong with these foods? Let me count the ways. First, they're high in fat and calories. Second, think about the ingredients that go into them: There are processed flours, usually made from grains that were acidifying to begin with. There are bad fats, made worse by being highly refined, heated to high temperatures, then left sitting around in warehouses and on grocery store shelves. Finally, there's a lot of sugar in the sweet snacks, and a lot of sodium in the salty ones.

If you're willing to eliminate packaged snacks altogether, thatís fantastic. If not, eat them occasionally.

There you have it: Five important rules for anyone who is following the alkaline body diet. It can be a challenge to put these five rules into practice, but the result will be a slimmer, more energetic, and healthier you.