Acid vs Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jordan in Acid Alkaline Diet

The acid vs alkaline diet is one of the less-common terms for the alkaline diet. This popular diet is sometimes also referred to as the acid alkaline diet and the acid alkaline balance diet. Despite the variation in terminology, however, these terms all refer to the same concept: By eating more alkalizing foods and fewer acidifying ones, you can cause your body to become more alkaline. In turn, a sightly alkaline state will give you the best chance of enjoying optimal health.

To a large extent, health is a question of balance. Perfect balance equals perfect health. On the other hand, imbalance leads to illness. For example, too high a caloric intake leads to obesity, while too low a caloric intake leads to wasting. Too much or too little sodium in the diet... Too high or too low a blood level of LDL cholesterol... Too high or too low an internal pH... In every case, the center of the balance beam is the best place to be.

In practice, however, few people in the United States and other Western countries are in danger of consuming too few calories or too little sodium, or of having a dangerously low level of LDL cholesterol. Our modern diet pushes us in a certain direction. Similarly, it is far more common for people's bodies to be too acidic than to be too alkaline. This is because we eat too much meat, dairy, processed grains, sugar, and alcohol, but we don't get enough alkalizing fruits and vegetables in our diets.

"Alkaline diet" is by far the most popular term for this way of eating. But if we wanted to be scrupulously accurate, instead of thinking of it as the "acid vs alkaline diet," it would be better to think of it as the "acid alkaline balance diet." Like yin and yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acidity and alkalinity are not inherently good or bad. It is up to us to achieve a state of balance between these interconnected elements.