Acid and Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jordan in Acid Alkaline Diet

What is the acid and alkaline diet? From one standpoint, everyone eats an acid and alkaline diet. This is true because virtually everyone eats a combination of acidifying and alkalizing foods.

True, many people's diets are heavily weighted in one direction or the other. Some fad diets recommend that you eat only alkalizing foods. In practice, however, such an extreme diet would be very difficult to follow. Meanwhile, the typical Western diet is heavily weighted toward acidifying foods. Nevertheless, the point remains that most people eat both acid and alkaline foods.

When we talk about acidity and alkalinity in connection with diet, we're really talking about the realization that our food choices have an effect on our health. Almost every food that we eat affects our internal pH, making it either a little more acidic or a little more alkaline. Yet few people are aware of this relationship.

Those who are "in the know" use a variety of terms: acid alkaline diet, alkaline diet, acid alkaline balance diet, and so on. Despite the different names, all of these terms refer to the same basic idea: That by eating more alkalizing foods and fewer acidifying ones, we can cause the body's pH to become more alkaline.

It is harmful for the body to be either too acidic or too alkaline. But while overacidity is very common, alkalosis as a result of diet is rare. The natural human diet is mildly alkalizing, thanks to plenty of leafy vegetables, tubers, fruits, and nuts and seeds. Today, the foods that most people eat are acidifying, including meat, dairy, refined grains, sugar, alcohol, and bad fats.

By adopting a more alkaline diet, you can return your body to its natural state. When you accomplish this task, you will feel better, have more energy, and experience fewer health problems.