Acid Alkaline Foods Chart
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Food

An acid alkaline foods chart is the single most important tool for anyone who wishes to follow the alkaline diet. After all, the heart of the alkaline diet is to eat more foods that have an alkalizing effect on the body, and fewer foods that have an acidifying effect. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult than one would expect to find a chart of this kind that is truly useful.

When you begin searching the Internet, it isn't hard to find an acid alkaline foods chart. Unfortunately, nearly all of these charts are compromised by at least one of three basic flaws.

The Three Basic Flaws in the Typical Acid Alkaline Foods Chart

The first flaw is that many of these charts don't include every food you would like to know about. Of course, you can hardly expect the creators of these charts to include every rare and exotic food that anyone could possibly eat. But it is reasonable to expect to find the few dozen common foods that most people eat on a regular basis. age chart that fails to mention common foods such as broccoli, corn, and turkey is hardly useful.

The second flaw with many alkaline food lists is that they're inaccurate. These science of acidity and alkalinity has evolved rapidly over the past several decades, but some self-proclaimed experts are still using outdated sources that may have been the best that were available in the 1980s, but which have long since outlived their usefulness. Others inject their personal opinions about food, instead of just giving you the straight facts. Imagine going to a lot of effort to eat alkalizing foods, only to fail because you've been relying on inaccurate information. Clearly, you don't want that to happen.

The third problem with the average acid alkaline foods chart is that it's not very convenient to use. That's because most of these charts are formatted as web pages, and don't look very good when you print them out. Most of them also take up too many pages, making them inconvenient for posting around the house or taking with you when you go shopping.

Introducing the Ultimate Acid Alkaline Foods Chart

I share your frustrations. That's why I've created what I think is the best acid alkaline foods chart on the Internet. I started with the latest research on 127 common foods and made it all fit on one page. After testing a number of methods of organizing this information, I created a system of color-coded ratings to help you see at a glance exactly how a specific food will affect your body's internal pH. And because I believe that this information should be available to everyone, I'm making it available as a free download.