Acid Alkaline Food List
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Food

You probably found this page because you're searching for an acid alkaline food list, right? Well, you're not alone. Thousands of people are searching for the exact same topic. That's because a good food list is the one essential tool for anyone who's following the alkaline diet. Unfortunately, when you start looking for a list of this type, you quickly discover that while there are many lists available on the Internet, most of them are virtually unusable.

The Three Problems with Acid Alkaline Food Lists

The first problem with the average acid alkaline food list is that it leaves out the foods that you really care about. Some lists managed to include such exotic foods as caribou and shiitake mushrooms, but for some reason failed to mention the foods most people eat every day, such as corn, milk, and rice. I'm sure you'll agree that a food list which fails to include these common foods is hardly useful.

The second problem with many lists is that they contain too many errors to be useful. Some of them seem to have been created by people who are unaware that the science of the alkaline diet has evolved dramatically over the past several decades. Sources that were quite respectable 20 years ago have been superseded by more recent research. Just think, you could think that you are following the alkaline diet perfectly, and still fail because you are relying on inaccurate information. If you don't want that to happen to you, keep reading.

The third problem with acid and alkaline food lists is that they're hard to use. The're often so crammed full of obscure foods that they use up half the toner in your printer. Or else they're so badly designed that it's hard to tell at a glance whether a food is acidifying or alkalizing.

Introducing the Ultimate Acid Alkaline Food List

I got so fed up with these poorly designed food lists that I decided to create my own. The result is a one-page chart that shows at a glance how 127 common foods effect your body's internal pH. After testing several formats, I decided that a color-coded star ratings system was the best way to show at a glance exactly how foods affect your body. Best of all, I'm giving back to the alkaline diet community by making this chart available for free.