Acid Alkaline Food Charts
Posted by Jordan in Alkaline Food

If you are new to the alkaline diet, you've probably figured out by now that a food chart is the one essential tool for anyone who wants to succeed on this diet. This is because the essence of the alkaline diet is to eat more alkalizing foods and fewer acidifying ones. Obviously, to accomplish that, you need to know how the foods you eat will affect your internal pH.

But while there are plenty of acid alkaline food charts around the Internet, it is surprisingly difficult to find one that will steer you correctly.

Why It's Hard to Find Good Acidic Alkaline Food Charts

The first problem is that many charts fail to include common foods. I find this inexplicable. It's one thing to leave out an unusual food that hardly anyone eats, but it's quite another to omit a food that is in almost everyone's shopping cart.

A second concern is that not all charts are accurate. Many rely on outdated sources to determine which foods are acidifying and which ones are alkalizing, even when newer and more accurate data is available. This inaccuracy can cause your alkaline diet to fail, and you might never find out why. If you dig deeper, you will find that there are widespread discrepancies among different alkaline food charts. You might conclude that the alkaline diet isn't all it's cracked up to be. This would be an understandable mistake, but it would still be a mistake. The alkaline diet has worked for thousands of people, and it can work for you, too—but only if you base your food choices on accurate information.

Finally, many charts are not very convenient to use on a daily basis. Most people want a one-page chart that they can hang on the refrigerator or take with them when they go shopping. For these purposes, a badly formatted 30-page list is not very useful.

Introducing the Ultimate Acid Alkaline Food Chart

After searching high and low for an acid alkaline food chart that doesn't suffer from these defects, I finally decided to create one myself. I used the most accurate research available, and organized it into a convenient one-page chart that includes the 127 most common foods. I also tried to make it as usable as possible by incorporating a color-coded star rating system that shows you at a glance exactly how each food will affect your body's acid alkaline balance. Because I believe this information is so important, I am making this chart available as a free download.