Acid Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jordan in Acid Alkaline Diet

The acid alkaline diet, also known as the alkaline diet, the pH diet, and by several other names, is a diet which attempts to make your internal pH more alkaline by changing the types of foods you eat.

Before you begin an acid alkaline diet, you probably have a few questions. For instance, is acidity a real problem, or is it just a bunch of hype created to sell products?

If it is a real problem, does it apply only to the seriously ill? Or is it also relevant to someone who is basically healthy, except for a few extra pounds, a lack of energy, and the usual aches and pains that most people dismiss as the inevitable consequences of aging?

The Acid Alkaline Diet: Hype or Good Science?

First of all, it is reassuring to know that the acid alkaline diet is supported by considerable scientific research. Reputable studies have demonstrated that the symtoms of an overly acidic body can include bone loss and muscle wasting. By the same token, following the acid alkaline diet can improve the health of the bones and muscles, boost energy, and help you lose weight.

It is a scientific fact that the body's cells and organs function best in a slightly alkaline state. Even those doctors who are skeptical about the acid alkaline diet freely admit that your body must stay within a narrow pH range if you are to avoid serious illness, or even death. One of the strongest clues to the importance of pH is the fact that your body has not just one, but several systems for maintaining a proper acid-alkaline balance.

Acids are eliminated through your lungs when you breathe, and through your skin when you sweat. But the most important organs for eliminating acids are your kidneys, which first combine the acid with several different alkaline minerals so that the acid does not damage the delicate tissues of your urinary tract.

So what's the problem? If your body has these systems in place to detoxify acid, isn't any diet as good as the acid alkaline diet? True, these systems work fine to detoxify acid as long as your diet is reasonably well-balanced. The problem is that most Westerners do not eat a balanced diet. On the contrary, the average person's diet is heavily weighted toward acidifying foods, such as meat, dairy, processed grains, sugar, and artificial food additives.

Is the Acid Alkaline Diet Relevant to You?

There are a number of common symptoms that can indicate that your body is too acidic. These symptoms can range from a lack of energy to aches and pains, frequent colds and flus, yeast infections, and an overall lack of well-being.

But if you live in the United States or another western country, it may be unnecessary to refer to a list of symptoms to determine whether you suffer from an acidic internal pH. This is because virtually everyone who lives in these countries has an acid-forming diet.

When you also consider the fact that alcohol and tobacco, air pollution, and emotional stress are also acidifying, you begin to understand that chronic acidity is the typical state for nearly everyone.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you realize how many factors are pushing our bodies in a more acidic direction. The good news is that it isn't necessary to change every factor that affects your body's pH, or to eliminate all acidifying foods from your diet. Adopting an alkalizing diet can help you to dramatically improve your health, without giving up all of your favorite foods.