Acid Alkaline Balance Diet
Posted by Jordan in Acid Alkaline Diet

The acid alkaline balance diet is sometimes known as the acid alkaline diet, and sometimes simply as the alkaline diet. But although there are a number of different names for this ancient way of eating, the acid alkaline balance diet may be a particularly appropriate name. That's because the central concept behind this diet is to eat in a way that helps you to achieve a balanced internal pH.

Some fad diets that you may have seen will tell you that you should eat exclusively alkalizing foods. In fact, however, eating 100 percent alkalizing foods would be both unhealthy and impractical.

For one thing, a 100 percent alkalizing diet would be pretty boring. Not only would meat, fish, and dairy products be completely off limits, but so would beans, peas, tomatoes, and even whole-grain breads.

A second problem with such a diet is that you would miss out on important nutrients which are found in some acidifying foods. For example, tomatoes are rich in cancer-fighting lycopene. And at least one study shows that prunes may protect against osteoporosis.

As its name implies, the goal of the acid alkaline balance diet is not to go to an extreme of alkalinity. For this reason, you don't need to eat only alkalizing foods to achieve a balanced internal pH.

However, you probably do need to eat a lot more alkalizing foods, and fewer acidifying ones. Whether you eat this food or that food is less important than the total ratio of acidifying to alkalizing components in your diet. The good news is that no matter which kind of diet you currently have, you can start making simple changes right now to create a healthier acid alkaline diet.