A Mid-Week Mini Challenge
Posted by Tee in Fun Stuff
Me, on a good day.

We've noticed via Twitter and blogs that a few of our readers (and one of our own, who shall remain nameless) are going through the fall doldrums this week, and since it's hump day and plenty of us are dragging through that, too, we thought we'd post a little challenge to get ya up off that shelf and back into the vibrating hum of things. Define that as you will.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: go do something bold and out of character. Something badass. Something that pokes your comfort zone. So to speak. Something you've wanted to do if only you had the ______.

Decide that you have that, and go.

Then report back here with your story, so the rest of us can be inspired and egged on to go out and do our own thing. You have until tomorrow night, Thursday, at 11:59 pm Pacific to do it and then add your comment here.

Toni and I (like how I volunteer her for stuff without her permission?) will pick the top three winning boldies on Friday, and each winner will receive a mystery prize that's related in some way to the bold thing you just did. Entries will be judged on:

1. Originality. The less cliche the better.
2. Real boldness. If you're a plus model and you go have a sexy photo of yourself taken, it doesn't count. If you're a serious introvert and you go attend a Toastmasters meeting, it does.
3. Legality. As in, let's keep it that, please. Even if only just.

Don't want to participate, but want a prize anyway? Hit "tweet this" below and include @fatgirlsguide in your tweet so we can keep track of it. We'll pick a wild card Twitter winner by drawing to receive a 4th prize.