5 High-Acidity Foods to Avoid on the Alkaline Diet
Posted by Jordan in Acidic Food

You carefully test your garden soil to see whether it is more acidic or alkaline before planting expensive garden plants, so why would you not do the same for your body before feeding it? Just as some plants will not survive in soil that is too acidic or alkaline, the human body tends to be healthiest when it is slightly alkaline inside.

With a garden, you can adjust acidity and alkalinity by amending the soil with substances known to change its alkalinity. Similarly, the human body can be adjusted by avoiding high-acidity foods. While some foods are naturally acidic in their natural, whole form outside your body, what matters most is how it acts once it is inside your body.

The alkaline diet is focused on avoiding foods that are highly acidifying while being processed through the body. This is the big difference between "acidic" foods and those that are "acidifying" internally.

The following five types of acidic food are all acidifying once they get inside your body and should be avoided on the alkaline diet. Notice how many of them have also been associated with heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems!

Fried Foods

The refined white flour used to bread fried foods is acidifying inside the body and then you dip it in the unhealthiest saturated fats to fry it. Add in that some of the most commonly fried foods are extremely bad for your body to begin with and you see why fried foods are an all around deal breaker for any diet.

Baked Goods

They may taste wonderful, but most baked goods are loaded with sugar, hydrogenated oil, and artificial ingredients. Plus, they are made with refined white flour unless you explicitly purchase something made with whole grain. They contain no fiber or nutritional value for your body but can do tons of harm.

Baked goods made with artificial sweeteners are not any better than those made with sugar.

Soft Drinks

These fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar and corn syrup. Add in the phosphoric acid, and you have an acidifying bomb inside your body. Diet or "zero" options are not any better as they are made with acidifying artificial sweeteners.

Iodized Table Salt

Regular table salt is an acidifying component inside the body and should be avoided. If you have to have salt of some sort, you can replace this with sea salt since it is alkalizing. You can also use many herbs and spices instead of salt.

In general, try to stay away from the salt as much as possible to maximize your overall health.

Artificial Sweeteners

Beyond being acidifying inside your body, artificial sweeteners are unnatural substances that your body is not equipped to process efficiently. Many have argued they are not even food and have no place inside the human body!

Notice that all of these high-acidity food sources would also be advised against on literally any other type of diet. They all have their unhealthy components that make them bad choices for your overall health.

If you are wondering how you will avoid all of these foods while still eating meals that are satisfying, think of non-acidifying options that can be used as substitutes for some of your favorites on this list. Give it some time and you will find yourself so energetic and happy that you hardly miss anything on this list!