Free Sample of Guardian for Men Urine Guards!


>> WHO/WHAT: Free samples of Guardian for Men male urine guards/protectors. >> WHEN: Until promotion is finished. >> WHY: While our primary demographic most certainly isn’t one to personally utilize something like male urine guards/protectors, we know that our primary demographic/readership loves to get freebies and free samples of all kinds whether it’s for them, [...]

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Gay Lea Spreadables Free Samples Here!


>> WHO/WHAT: Gay Lea Spreadable butter free sample! >> WHEN: While supplies last! >> WHY: While free spreadable butter certainly isn’t on top of everyone’s list of most desired freebies or free samples, it’s certainly one worth celebrating. Especially considering the Gay Lea spreadable butter brand for this particular freebie is relatively unknown (albeit also [...]

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Free Gucci Glorious Mandarin Sample


>> WHO/WHAT: Free sample of Gucci — yes, Gucci – Glorious Mandarin sample. >> WHEN: While supplies last — which obviously isn’t going to be for very long at all. >> WHY: Uh, it’s Gucci? Need we even say more? Seriously… >> WHERE: 

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Get Your Free Biotherm AquaSource Deep Serum Here!


>> WHO/WHAT: Free sample of the revered Biotherm AquaSource Deep Serum. >> WHEN: While supplies last. >> WHY: Seriously? Is this a serious question? In case it is, all you need to know is that the Biotherm AquaSource Deep Serum may very well be one of the most in-demand, highly reputed skin care serums on [...]

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Get Your FREE Issue of Photo News Here!


>> WHO/WHAT: Free issue of Photo News, Canada’s premier photography magazine subscription today! >> WHEN: While supplies/feature lasts. >> WHY: Because… why not? If you’re even a LITTLE bit into photography, then you’ll absolutely, positively LOVE Photo News! And after all, you get a free issue to test out just how badass a subscription it is [...]

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Free Samples of New Downy UnStopables Scent Boosting Detergent?


>> WHO/WHAT: Free sample of Downy UnStopables scent boosting detergent. >> WHEN: While supplies last. >> WHY: Because Downy is practically known for making good, deliciously smelling laundry products. So seriously, what else do you even need to know (other than, oh yeah — it’s FREE)? >> WHERE: 

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